Sting & Sandstorm Released!

  • Sting (Dino) – able to “spit” acid that damages humans (effective to para sa mga Humans na Mahilig Mag tago ^_^)

    • Sandstorm

Sandstorm Weekend EXPress!

Enter into the Sandstorm on a Weekend EXPress!
To welcome the addition of the new Sandstorm map, there will be Afternoon and Midnight Express events this weekend!
Set in a desert town, Sandstorm can be played as in either Deathmatch or Bomb mode.
See the EXP payout below!
March 16 - 50% EXP – 2PM to 7PM; 10PM to 2Am (of March 17)
March 17 – 50% EXP – 2PM to 7PM, 10PM to 2AM (of March 18)
March 18 - 50% EXP – 2PM to 7PM, 10PM to 2AM (of March 19)
In addition, don’t forget to try the latest Dino in town - Sting!
Sting is a ranged attacker, spitting searing acid to humans or throwing out a phlegm-like substance that causes a debilitating splash damage.
Kaya see you guys in game this weekend!
Bakbakan to the max dito lang sa Point Blank!